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  • Glenn Sharp

Your 2024 Strategic Plan - Do your people have what they need to be successful?

Imagine spending countless hours, and immense human capital, formulating a strategy for 2024 only to find out your employees aren’t equipped to deliver the vision. Or worse, your current culture is so fragile, any change is viewed with skepticism and dread.

Have you heard the Peter Drucker quote "Culture eat strategy for breakfast"? In other words, the culture of a company determines it's success regardless of how the business strategy. So no matter how strong your 2024 strategic plan may be, it will be held back by members of your team if the culture is not healthy and the humans delivering the plan are not equipped to do so. The people implementing the plan are the ones that make all the difference.

Employees who are distracted by a toxic culture have low productivity and low efficiency.

In this SHRM article Workplace Culture Matters, the author states "There's a strong correlation between workplace culture, satisfied and engaged employees, and business productivity and profits".

I highly recommend checking out this article for more detail.

In addition, when an employee is expected to deliver a strategic plan that they are not trained or developed to execute, results don't come, and turnover happens from frustration and fear. This article explains the 5 Consequences Of Poor Leadership On A Team and why investing in leadership training matters to your culture and business results.

Do you think you want to take culture and development into account when developing your 2024 strategic plan? If so, click here to sign up for our free cultural analysis.

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