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About Us

We are motivated to change the workplace by helping managers find their leadership spirit and then achieve success through teams operating at their fullest potential. We have dedicated our professional careers to driving results and leading teams to success.

Glenn Sharp
President and CEO

Glenn has nearly 23 years experience managing in the retail, food service, and convenient store industries. As a training and development professional, Glenn has taught more than 15,000 management professionals and provided individual leadership coaching to countless managers as well. 


Glenn has a unique style of connecting with participants as he guides them through experiences designed to help them in topics such as culture shaping, emotional intelligence, time management, change management, and more. Glenn is a Certified Master Trainer, Performance Consultant, and Change Management Professional.

Laurel Sharp

Laurel joined Sharp Leadership Development as the Chief Operating Officer in 2018 when she left her career as a Director of supply chain at a larger, international company. Laurel has more than 10 years of Project Management and Program Management experience. She has lead teams to exemplary results on varying sized capital projects. She has also counseled multiple executive teams on project process, overlap, timing, and flow.  With nearly 10 years experience in corporate and store operations, she can connect personally and professionally with all levels of an organization. Laurel has a knack for developing relationships.

Together Laurel and Glenn have 4 teenage children, two cats, and two beautiful dogs named Sophie and Honey. They are active in their church and enjoy traveling.

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