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Good employees are leaving.
Over the past few years, an interesting trend has emerged… The universal need to hold onto and retain top talent. With limited resources and tightening budgetary restraints, employers are faced with a conundrum.
Turning new managers into leaders of people
It isn't always an easy transition. Developing leadership skills in new managers is critical tot eh success of the team.
Good employees are leaving
It takes leadership know-how to understand the factors that contribute to unwanted turnover. Getting to the bottom of it can help you control it.
Embracing change
Everything changes. If your business is not changing you are dying. It is important that your team knows how to handle it.
Serious communication issues
Even the best of teams can struggle if individual styles are not acknowledged and embraced.
A struggling leader needs help
The impact of one weak leader can be widespread. One on one coaching is an effective way to help someone grow.
Taking a team from good to great
You've assembled a good team, but how do you become great? Interactive team events will help you identify opportunities so you can get to great.
Leading In a Remote Work Environment
There are many ways a leader can effectively lead their team in a remote work environment.
One of the most impactful items is the use of a virtual meeting platform.
At Sharp Leadership Development, we use Adobe Connect, Zoom, and WebEx, but there are many platforms at your disposal. In reality, the platform does not ensure a meaningful experience. That’s the leader’s job.
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Common Challenges We Address

The journey begins with the first step.

We provide a no obligation Culture Analysis through a set of interviews as the first step of your leadership development journey. This allows us to customize the content throughout your journey. Click to learn why we focus on understanding your company culture first and to request a Culture Analysis for your company.


"Sharp Leadership Development has been instrumental in the continuing education of our team. Glenn does an outstanding job of connecting with our entire team, keeping the lessons simple and applying a practicality that is typically lost in training sessions. I have seen a dramatic increase in our organization's communication since our investment in Sharp Leadership Development." 

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