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Enneagram based
Team Building and Coaching

What is the Enneagram? 
The Enneagram is an advanced Emotional Intelligence model described by nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram. This diagram helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another. We like it because it also identifies healthy and unhealthy attributes of each person's personality. It "gets real" just like us. 
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How we use the Enneagram? 
The Enneagram assessment we use is from Cloverleaf. Cloverleaf offers multiple diagnostic tools to compare two individuals like you and your boss or you and a direct report..... or an entire team. We use the power of this assessment and the accompanying diagnostic tools to help identify opportunities for individual and team success, along with potential human behavior challenges.

Team Building

The Enneagram is perfect for intact teams.


This workshop will help you learn about each other, about yourself and how to operate better as a team.  

It's a great way to come together as a team and learn how to communicate better.



The Enneagram is also perfect to use in one-on-one coaching.

Learning more about yourself can help you become a more effective leader. Using the Enneagram in comparison with your boss or a direct report can help you communicate and better manage those relationships.  

What topics are covered?

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Cloverleaf Enneagram Assessment

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