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Why do managers struggle with the Annual Performance Appraisal?

Updated: May 28, 2019

I've worked with many companies who have asked me, "How do I get my managers to embrace the performance appraisal process instead of just checking a box?"

Are annual performance reviews a reason to smile?

One of the most valuable, vital skill sets a manager can have is the ability to effectively provide feedback and deliver effective performance appraisals.

When it comes to delivering an annual performance appraisal, I would argue that the key is not the "how" but the "why." The unfortunate reality is that many managers just don’t know how to conduct a performance appraisal nor were they ever taught. This reality has forced them to think of the performance appraisal as an annoyance and just another task that they must complete as part of their specified job duties.

“Best in Class” managers know the performance appraisal is one of best tools they possess to connect with their employees and provide honest dialogue and feedback. They also know that one of the main goals of the process is to get into employee development rather than a recap of the year.

These stellar managers also know that the performance appraisal process begins the second after the previous performance appraisal ends. It is a process that occurs all year long and includes all the conversations the manager engages in with his/her employees.

As a manager of people, the most common comment I want to hear during the performance appraisal is the following: “I know Glenn…You tell me this all the time… I know….You told me this before.” My answer is always: “Good…I’m going to tell you this stuff anyway because you deserve to hear it…Now let’s get to the plan to develop your skills for the next year.”

At Sharp Leadership Development, developing the skills necessary to conduct an effective performance appraisal is typically an integral part of most leadership development journeys with our company.

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