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This is WHY!

This week was a big week for us here at Sharp Leadership Development. It is the 4th anniversary of our inception! Glenn Sharp had a dream and the guts to go after it. Glenn was a one-man band back in 2015 when he began to build his business. He focused on bettering the workplace by teaching managers how to be leaders. Glenn's 23 years of experience managing others had taught him how to fail - and learn from his failure. His accomplishments in leading others gave him the rich knowledge he uses today in all of his teachings. His experience also helped develop his unique sense of humor and drive to really "go there" when he is teaching to change the way people think. He knew it would have to get a little bit uncomfortable before a big change could happen for his participants. Today, Sharp Leadership Development is a team of 7 energetic leaders all focused on making the workplace better by changing how people think about leading. This is the basis of Sharp Leadership Development: changing how people think changes their behavior, which in turn drives results.

It only seems fitting that this is also the week that Glenn received the prestigious award of 2019 Outstanding Adjunct Teaching in Management Award from the University of Cincinnati. This is the perfect example of how we are building this company on Glenn's 23 years of management experience, along with his passion for sharing his insights with his undergraduate and graduate students.

We asked two of our interns from UC - who both previously had Glenn as a professor - to give us insight as to why they think he won this award.  

"Having Glenn as a professor has shown us a unique approach to teaching. Most professors teach straight from a textbook, while Glenn has a more interactive approach where he teaches real-world examples instead of theory. Because of his engaging personality, going to an 8:00 AM class was genuinely enjoyable. Glenn has unmatched energy and enthusiasm that made us excited to get up on those early mornings.
In the classroom, he pulls from his time in the business world and relates it to the textbook material. He also helps students become better equipped to take on their own careers. He teaches the same information both in the classroom and in the corporate world. Instead of a standard, monotone lecture, he incorporates several activities into his teachings to make learning the material fun. Glenn knows he hasn’t been perfect throughout his career. He emphasizes some of the mistakes he has made, not only to help his students avoid making the same mistakes in their careers, but also to teach us that failure can only make us better.
With all the time Glenn puts into his students, he has become someone we are inspired by. His dedication to us and his personal business is unparalleled. We have great appreciation for him as a teacher, as well as a boss. Congratulations to Glenn on such an incredible award, it is well deserved."
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